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Learn how to stay cool and beat the heat with annual air conditioning maintenance! People who live in Florida know they need air conditioning for most of the year to stay comfortable. Central air conditioning is the most common way to cool your home in the Sunshine State. You must ensure your system is equipped for prolonged operation in the hot, humid, salty climate. An air-conditioning outage or failure can be downright dangerous!
When you think of air conditioning in terms of comfort and safety for your family and friends, the importance of a sound-running system gains priority. Regular maintenance and quality service not only give you peace of mind, but it ensures uninterrupted physical comfort. Most importantly, it brings in savings from a system that runs as efficiently as possible and does not generate big emergency repairs.
Service Today! Air conditioning, heating, and electrical knows the answers to people’s frequently asked questions about air conditioning. Here are some questions you can ask yourself to make sure your AC unit is operating at peak levels:

Why does my AC system need regular maintenance?

On a scale of 1-10, regular maintenance is a 10! It directly relates to your comfort. Air-conditioning systems in the Sunshine State run for most of the year and longer each day than units in most other states. Plus, Florida has higher humidity than nearly anywhere else, which can cause black mold. These factors make it crucial to perform AC inspections and tune-up consistently. It is key to check the system often to spot any small issues before they turn into an expensive repair or failed unit leaving you hot and sticky. Regular service ensures your system is running efficiently. The more efficiently your system functions, the cooler you will feel and the more money you will save on your energy costs.

How often should I service my AC system in Florida?

Experts advise to service your A/C system twice a year, to make sure it is ready for the highest temperatures of the season. It is especially important if you run it year-round, if it’s been off for several weeks, or if you transition to heat.

What are the signs that my AC might need maintenance?

Different AC systems and problems may exhibit different symptoms, so it is good to be generally aware of the AC-system function somewhat regularly. See if it is cooling each room sufficiently or if there are hot spots in the house. See if the on-off frequency seems normal and listen for any noises at the inside and outside parts of the system. Inspect around the base of units with a bright flashlight to see any signs of trouble. Analyze your electric bill to see if kilowatt usage and dollars remain at about the same rate, allowing of course for normal variance that follows Florida’s temperature fluctuations. If it seems excessive, you might need a deeper analysis of your system. It will benefit you to know the different tasks involved with maintenance for air-conditioning systems and know which ones you are comfortable doing yourself and which ones you’ll need a professional. You can also make it easy on yourself and set up an AC preventative-maintenance schedule.

What can happen without regular maintenance?

The worst enemy to your entire system is dirt, debris, and particle matter of all sizes. Dirt build-up inhibits airflow and reduces your comfort as well as the system’s effectiveness and efficiency. It not only wastes money, but it can also lead to failure and reduced capacity. Rodents can chew through wires, and other pests can decide to nest within the unit outside. Ducts can sustain damage in several ways such as a defective seam or accidental hole, and then they might start to leak. Drain lines can clog easily in Florida, causing the system to leak and water damage as well as toxic black mold! We recommend having them drained at least twice a year.

How can I prevent my AC from needing costly repairs?

Maintenance is the best way to avoid expensive service, prolong the life of your system, and achieve maximum efficiency and comfort. Filter changes, cleaning of the coil and fins, and inspection are all things to do regularly, as well as be aware of how the system performs. The outdoor condenser coils and evaporator coils of any air conditioning system will naturally accumulate dirt, even when you keep the filter clean and changed. These essential and hard-working parts of the air conditioning system also need to be cleaned at least as often as annual maintenance and more if dirt build-up warrants it.

How much does AC maintenance cost in Florida?

It’s hard to put a number on exactly how much you will or should pay in maintenance each year, simply because each person’s system and filter will be a little different, as well as the size of their system, temperature preferences and individual-site conditions. Also, if you notice a frayed wire or have a breakdown despite good maintenance, you might end up paying for a replacement part such as a motor, fan, coil, or wiring. It is wise to keep some money in a household-emergency account for unexpected repairs, but you can also figure out what typical annual maintenance will cost. Consistent maintenance on your air conditioner system is about the best insurance you can get to safeguard it and your comfort.
Service Today! Air Conditioning, heating, and electrical provide a full range of same day air conditioning services and can help with troubleshooting, maintenance, inspection, upgrades or new systems, efficiency improvements, and the 25-point AC Rejuvenation. When you’re ready to improve your carbon footprint, inspect, service, or repair any kind of cooling system, you have access to Florida’s premier experts. We sell and service every major system produced and have expert technicians ready to deliver prompt, courteous service at competitive prices. Service Today! can work with you on a preventative maintenance schedule that takes worry off your mind and ensures your system gets well-timed and proper service. Service Today! offers a couple of options when it comes to financing your home service needs. We have a monthly membership SHAPE Plan, which includes two air conditioning inspections and an electrical inspection yearly. You can also choose to take advantage of our 12 months, no interest, no payments financing.

Why Choose a Preventative Maintenance Plan in Florida?

Regular service keeps quality performance up while holding operating costs down. This is the service philosophy you use with your vehicles, so why should your air conditioner be any different? As utility rates continue to rise, you’ll want to get the most out of your system by keeping it running at peak efficiency.

Without Regular Service

  • Dirt build-up inhibits airflow 
  • Reduced comfort 
  • High utility bills 
  • Clogged drain lines 
  • Unhealthy air 
  • Higher maintenance costs 
  • Shortened equipment life, up to 50%
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