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Cape Coral Under Cabinet Lighting

High-Quality Under Cabinet Lighting in Cape Coral

Cabinet lighting is an important aspect of updating or remodeling a kitchen. Installed directly underneath cabinets, it is available in various types and has many benefits. Cabinet lights are especially useful when you have perimeter countertops, where your workspace may end up in the shade. They are mounted on the underside of your upper wall cabinets, so therefore serve more than a decorative purpose for your Cape Coral home. If you’re considering installing these types of light fixtures, we’ll show you the types available and the overall benefits of under cabinet lighting, or underlighting.

Types of Cabinet Lighting

There are different ways to install a cabinet light. Depending on the system, it may be battery operated, in which each light will have to be turned on individually, and plug-in models that are activated via a switch on the device. Hard-wired lights are operated using a switch wired to your electrical system and require an experienced electrician to install.

Cabinet light fixtures come in the following varieties:

  • Light Bars:Rectangular in shape, light bars shine light over a wide area. The have a linear design with small bulbs arranged in a strip (or a single long bulb) built into a plastic, metal, tape, or rope casing. Tape lights are suited for installations that require lights to be configured in unusual shapes.
  • Puck Lights:These slim, round hockey-puck sized disks are typically battery powered and stick to cabinets via an adhesive. They’re convenient to use when there’s no access to an outlet and you want to install kitchen cabinet lighting in a tight space.
  • Integrated Lighting:A lighting system can be built into your cabinets by manufacturers in the design phase. This is a seamless blend of lighting and cabinetry. It can be requested as a custom option during ordering. However, some manufacturers supply integrated lighting systems for specific products.
In addition, under cabinet lighting can feature the bulbs of your choice, including incandescent, halogen, or energy-saving LED lights.

Under Cabinet Lighting Benefits

Many homeowners aren’t sure whether underlighting is for them. If you’re still deciding, here are some of the benefits that under cabinet lighting can provide:
  • Stylish:Under cabinet kitchen lights add modern styling that looks unique and can give the room an artistic feel. They can provide a layered approach to lighting. This not only gives you a more functional work area. It’s also effective at enhancing room décor and interior design overall. Plus, you won’t have shadows to deal with while cooking and preparing meals.
  • Lower Energy Bills:Small bulbs are used, which consume a smaller amount of electricity, especially with under cabinet LED lighting. You might not even need to use other lights in the room. It may also be possible to connect different sections of lighting to different switches, so you turn on only what you need at the time.
  • Increase Home Value:A kitchen remodel is a great way to increase resale value, and one way to boost your ROI is to improve your kitchen cabinet lighting. Even with a minor kitchen remodel, you can recoup over 70% of the cost through a higher home sale price.

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