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Furnace Maintenance and Tune-Ups in Brainerd

Keeping Your Furnace in Fighting Shape

Your furnace puts in a lot of hard work to keep you warm, but what kind of work are you doing to keep it in peak condition? Like most equipment, your furnace experiences dirt build-up, wear-and-tear, aging, and other accumulated damages as it provides heat to your home, and without regular maintenance services and tune-ups, these damages could impact its performance, cause problems that require expensive repairs, and even lead it to an early equipment failure that leaves you paying for a new furnace years before you thought you would need to. At Service Today!, our Brainerd furnace maintenance team makes giving your furnace the attention it needs as easy as making a call to our heating technicians. Through our maintenance plans and tune-up services, we make sure that your furnace is taken care of, so it can, in turn, take care of your home.

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What Maintenance Can Do for Your Furnace

In a way, your furnace is a lot like your car – you could just keep using it, but to really get the best possible performance, you need to give it a little professional attention every now and then. Professional furnace maintenance may seem like an unnecessary extra expense, but just like taking your car in for an oil change, it can save you a lot of time, stress, and money in the future. With the increased energy-efficiency and improved comfort provided by our furnace maintenance services, you’ll find that our plans pay for themselves in no time and make your home a more welcoming and comfortable environment, and all it takes is one yearly visit from our Brainerd furnace maintenance team!

Benefits of Regular Tune-Ups Include:

  • More reliable heat
  • A more accurate and responsive thermostat
  • No fear of a furnace not starting up after a long period of dormancy
  • No loss of energy efficiency
  • Less need for expensive repairs
  • Protecting the warranty of your equipment
  • Better indoor air quality
  • And more!

Affordable Plans from Licensed Experts

Maintaining your furnace doesn’t require any exorbitant fees or stressful procedures. All your unit needs is a quick inspection, cleaning, and tune-up from one of our licensed and NATE-certified technicians. As Brainerd’s local furnace experts, our goal is always to embody the Service Today! philosophy of honest, reliable service to make sure your home is as comfortable as possible. Let us keep your furnace working like new, and we’ll ensure that expensive repairs and early replacements aren’t something you’ll have to worry about. With our extensive training and experience, we know exactly what your equipment needs to provide the highest quality of heat to your family.

Send us a message online or give us a call at (888) 998-2032 to schedule your first furnace tune-up. We always offer our Brainerd customers same-day service!