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Furnace Tune Up in Bloomington, MN

Time for your Furnace’s Annual Check Up

That’s right, just like humans your furnace system needs a check up each year to make sure it’s healthy and prevent any issues in the future that could cause it to stop working. A furnace tune up Bloomington technician will come to your home and check out the system as a whole, they clean it up, then do a safety check. During the furnace tune up Bloomington safety check they will make sure there aren’t poisonous gasses flowing out into your home. They will check all the wiring and furnace itself for potentially harmful situations. Not only is it great for your system and your peace of mind, but having a furnace tune up Bloomington certified technician check it out also keeps the warranty active. Many people don’t know that a furnace tune up Bloomington certified technician visit is required to keep a manufacturer’s warranty active. If you miss it even a year the manufacturing company can not be responsible for helping you if it breaks later on. It’s very important and can save you thousands in the future by spending just a little now.

Saving You Money Everyday

One way that Service Today is trying to save you money is by coming up with a Comfort Club Membership program. Its a simple membership where the customer spends $12.99 a month and that gets you free furnace tune up Bloomington visits once a year and discounts on all other services and products. Then to top it off as a member you will also get to be at the front of the line always, whenever you call in for a furnace tune up Bloomington visit, repair, or replacement we put you at the front of the line so you will always get helped within 24 hours. It’s the VIP treatment for our favorite customers.

Service Today has been around for decades doing installs, repairs and furnace tune up Bloomington projects for the community. They play a big part in making sure your home is safe and your utility bill is low. If you have any complaint regarding the service give us a call and let us know how we can improve. We have a 100% satisfaction guarantee that you will be satisfied with any work that our furnace tune up Bloomington technician does or we will pay you. It’s as easy as that.