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Water Softeners in Apple Valley, MN

Service Today is trusted in Apple Valley, MN, to provide commercial and residential water softener system installation and repair. We provide water softener replacement as well, so your pipes and drains continue to be protected against hard water deposits and clogs. Call (888) 393-0953 to avoid inconveniences and larger, more expensive problems down the road.

Professional Water Softener Installation Near Apple Valley, MN

At Service Today, we know that getting a water softener can be costly. And with over 15 years of experience in the field, we can ensure you reap long-term savings. Our team will also recommend the best model for your home or business, including automatic units that set a daily time to run or models that soften water based on demand and day-to-day fluctuations in water use.

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Your Apple Valley, MN, Water Softener Replacement Company

Removing an existing unit and installing a new water softener requires working with electricity and computerized devices. The process is too complex for a novice to take on. However, the team at Service Today has years of experience, guaranteeing your replacement is completed properly and that hard water won’t damage sensitive pipes and drains. Each service call starts with a thorough inspection so we can install water softener replacement parts, a new filter, or a replacement unit as needed.

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Water Softener System Maintenance

Service Today is one of the leading water softener maintenance companies around Apple Valley, MN. Professional maintenance can address many aspects of a water softener system and involve minor adjustments and repairs that save money. With routine maintenance, it’s much less likely your system will need major repairs later. Our mission is to help keep your water supply fresh, safe, and healthy through proper water treatment and high-quality plumbing services.

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Water Softener Repair Service in Apple Valley, MN

We can fix whatever problem you may have with your water softener. Our technicians are professional, reliable, and skilled at making the right repairs with lasting results. Committed to customers’ comfort and the cleanliness of their home or office, Service Today ensures your property is neat and clean and that equipment issues are completely resolved. Additionally, our technicians are experienced with the latest equipment and technologies. From high-quality water softener repair parts to transparency into the water softener repair cost, Service Today aims to make service hassle free. We strongly believe in addressing minor issues early to avoid larger expenses in the future, and being absolutely sure our customers are happy with our service.

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