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Water Softener System Installation and Repair in Anoka, MN

Residents and business owners in the Anoka area can depend on Service Today for a full range of water softener services. Water conditioning is important because hard water can clog up plumbing lines and cause extensive damage. To help, we provide water softener repair, maintenance, and replacement as well as new system installation. To inquire about water softeners or schedule service, call (888) 395-0085.

Water Softener Installation

The cost of water softener installation can be high. Anoka, MN home and business owners know that Service Today is on their side and will help find the best system for their needs. We have been providing installation services since 2005. There are two types of water softeners we can install. One is a demand type; demand initiated regeneration systems respond to fluctuating requirements for softened water. An automatic water softener can be turned on at a predetermined time, which is ideal if you know a certain time of day you need it. To schedule water softener installation near Anoka, MN, call (888) 395-0085.

Water Softener Replacement

When the time comes to replace your water softener system, Service Today can help you find the latest technologies and products. Our refined replacement procedures allow us to install a new system and water softener replacement parts fast and with no stress. Customers in Anoka, MN, will continue to be free of hard water. Our technicians are friendly and professional. They’re also keen on fixing problems and completing installations in one visit. Your water softening capabilities will be restored as soon as we’re done. Schedule an appointment by calling (888) 395-0085.

Water Softener Maintenance in Anoka, MN

We specialize in maintaining the residential water softeners that we install. With routine maintenance, repairs can be avoided or reduced. Our technicians can perform complete inspections to ensure your water softener system is operating normally. If necessary, they’ll change a filter, which can help prevent issues down the line. A quick maintenance call enables us to identify the service you need. We’ll then address any plumbing or water softener issues we find, with accuracy, a fair estimate, and prompt service. Call (888) 395-0085 to schedule water softener maintenance.

Water Softener Repair Service in Anoka, MN

Water softeners reduce the quantity of minerals, such as calcium, in your water supply. These can build up in pipes and fixtures, causing damage. If your water softening system malfunctions, you’ll be dealing with the effects of mineral buildup.  Fortunately, Service Today specializes in all types of repairs and is up-to-date on the newest repair methods and technological advances. We use high-quality parts. If you need water softener head replacement or another new part, we get the job done right and make sure you’re happy with the results. To schedule water softener repair service in Anoka, MN, call (888) 395-0085.