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Air Handlers

Air Handlers

An air handler is used when you don’t have a furnace. For example, if you heat your home with a radiant heating system, you’ll need an air handler. Why? Because your air conditioner requires an indoor coil and fan motor in order to cool your home.

In a normal split system, the furnace fan motor is used year round. An attached to the furnace is an evaporator coil, which houses the indoor coil that contains refrigerant pumped inside from the air conditioner. A fan coil is basically a combination of the indoor coil from an evaporator coil, and the fan motor from a furnace.

Variable speed ECM fan motors in modern air handlers offer elevated comfort, and whisper quiet operation. Call us today for any air handler need from maintenance, to repair and replacement. We’re a Twin Cities HVAC contractor known for our exceptional service.

South Saint Paul Air Handlers
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