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Air Duct Cleaning in Falcon Heights MN

Looking for professional vent & air duct cleaning in Falcon Heights? Service Today is the one to call. A proper vent & air duct cleaning in Falcon Heights is more than a basic vacuuming. Dirt and debris are removed from your ducts and HVAC components and the entire system is then sanitized, killing air-borne contaminants such as bacteria, viruses and mold. Air duct cleaning and vent cleaning will lower your energy costs so that your furnace can operate more efficiently.

We use an air whip/viper because this is less abrasive of the duct work than a brush. The agitator breaks up all of the dirt and debris in your system while the negative air machine sucks all of the debris out.

Dryer Vent Cleaning

When it’s time to get your dryer vents cleaned in Falcon Heights, call Service Today. By scheduling annual dryer vent cleaning you can extend the life of your dryer while reducing a major fire hazard.