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Air Conditioning Repair Woodbury MN

Air Conditioning Repair Woodbury MN

When your air conditioning fails, you need prompt service. Service Today delivers efficient and reliable AC repair in Woodbury, MN. Our team of skilled technicians are experienced in a variety of air conditioner malfunctions.

Service Today is ready to diagnose your AC unit malfunction and repair it quickly, restoring that important airflow to your home. AC repair in Woodbury  is just a phone call away.

There is a very long list of common breakdowns that typically occur on those hot and humid Summer days in Minnesota.  But perhaps one of the most common air conditioning repairs technicians find on a regular basis revolves around the condenser fan and blower.

This mechanism within your air conditioning unit draws outdoor air through the condenser to remove heat from the refrigerant.  Its extremely essential to actually cooling down the air in your home itself.  That’s probably why it breaks down so often.  There are a few reasons this part does actually fail. The motor winding have become shorted or open, the bearing to the motor have seized, the systems age itself, the fan blade is broken or out of balance, the system is short cycling, or there might be a defective capacitor.  Regardless of the reason, this breakdown happens a lot.  Its a pretty easy fix, relatively speaking, so if an Service Today  technician does find this breakdown when he/she comes out to your home, do not stress!  We can get your system up in running in no time at all.  That’s our promise to you!

When you need AC repair in Woodbury MN – call Service Today!

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Air Conditioning Repair Woodbury MN

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How Much Will The AC Repair Cost? - Woodbury, MN

How Much Will The AC Repair Cost?

Air conditioning repairs can range from a few dozen dollars to more than a thousand dollars.  It all depends on what’s wrong with your unit.  Luckily, our knowledgeable air conditioning repair Woodbury staff understand that you probably didn’t budget for an air conditioner breakdown.  Who does anyway?  So, that is why after diagnosing the issue itself, our Service Today will sit you down, explain the reasons why the breakdown occurred, what steps can be taken to rectify the solution, and how you as a homeowner can prevent the breakdown from happening again.  It’s this valuable information most homeowners never receive from an HVAC company.  We are different.

We set out to change that.  After we diagnose your air conditioning breakdown, we present you with a multitude of options, not only ones that will fit your budget, but also options that address the needs of your family and your home.  In doing so, we leave the final decision up to the homeowner.  We take this no pressure approach, because we feel customers respond to that more favorable.  And let’s face it, that’s exactly how we would want air conditioning repair Woodbury technicians to handle the situation, if they were in our homes too! So, call us and experience the difference Service Today Heating & Cooling provides. You will not regret it!

Beyond The AC Repair Itself - Woodbury, MN

Beyond The AC Repair Itself

There is a lot more involved in a home service company, one that repairs your cooling system, than the actual repair itself.  And most air conditioning repair Woodbury companies simply do not acknowledge this in the least!  Why?  It’s because they do not understand the big picture, and that is precisely where we differ.  Service Today Heating & Cooling has passionately tried to center our main business philosophy around customer satisfaction and customer service itself.  We value good communication skills, excellent listening practices, and a friendly, confident, and patience demeanor.

That is exactly the kinds of employees we hire.  We don’t just go filling a position, because we need a body immediately.  No… we take our time!  Because we really think hard about the kind of person that is going to be in your home.  We ask ourselves, is this someone that I would want in my own home? If the answer is yes, we give them a chance, and more times than not, they deliver the exceptional service that our company expectations put forth.   So, what really comes after the repair might you ask?  Human connection.  It’s what makes the world go round.  We would love to come out to your home, and make you smile.  Try us out!

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Air Conditioning Repair Woodbury MN

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