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Air Conditioning Repair Woodbury MN

When your air conditioning fails, you need prompt service. Service Today delivers efficient and reliable AC repair in Woodbury, MN. Our team of skilled technicians are experienced in a variety of air conditioner malfunctions.

Service Today is ready to diagnose your AC unit malfunction and repair it quickly, restoring that important airflow to your home. AC repair in Woodbury is just a phone call away.

There is a very long list of common breakdowns that typically occur on those hot and humid Summer days in Minnesota. But perhaps one of the most common air conditioning repairs technicians find on a regular basis revolves around the condenser fan and blower.

This mechanism within your air conditioning unit draws outdoor air through the condenser to remove heat from the refrigerant. Its extremely essential to actually cooling down the air in your home itself. That’s probably why it breaks down so often. There are a few reasons this part does actually fail. The motor winding have become shorted or open, the bearing to the motor have seized, the systems age itself, the fan blade is broken or out of balance, the system is short cycling, or there might be a defective capacitor. Regardless of the reason, this breakdown happens a lot. Its a pretty easy fix, relatively speaking, so if an Service Today technician does find this breakdown when he/she comes out to your home, do not stress! We can get your system up in running in no time at all. That’s our promise to you!

When you need AC repair in Woodbury MN – call Service Today!