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Air Conditioning Repair South St. Paul

Air Conditioning Repair South St. Paul

AC Repair Starts With the Phone Call

When our clients call to get one of our  air conditioning repair South St. Paul technicians out to their home, they first encounter our amazing office staff.  Service Today Heating & Cooling knows that your entire experience with us hinges on the little things, and those little things we strongly pay attention to.  We are committed to making sure you are not only scheduled in a timely fashion, but that you are also smiling when you end the phone call.  Our friendly staff understands that you could have contacted any other air conditioning repair South St. Paul company, but you chose us instead, Service Today Heating & Cooling.  Simply knowing this fact, helps drive us to be our very best.

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Air Conditioning Repair South St. Paul

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Our Technician’s AC Repair Commitmen - South St. Paul

Our Technician’s AC Repair Commitmen

Knowing you will have a competent and knowledgeable air conditioning repair South St. Paul technician outside your home working on one of your most expensive pieces of equipment you own should put you at ease.  But our technician’s technical skill-sets are not what we are most proud of.  It’s the fact that after they have diagnosed the problem, they can come to you and educate you on the problems revolving around your air conditioning dilemma.  Nobody wants a technicians to blather on and on about the technical side of the repair itself.  We know you just want it put into plain language, and we know you want these types of questions answered:  Why did my AC break?  How are you going to fix it?  Will it Happen Again? How much will it cost to get it working again?

It’s these questions that are revolving around in your mind over and over again, and we understand that.  That’s why you can be confident in our air conditioning repair South St. Paul technician’s ability to answer those exact questions as effectively and effectively as possible.  AC repairs are a headache, and everyone knows it.  But it’s our job to alleviate the pain of the experience in a way that makes you feel confident in us, knowing we are going to do a great job, and also leave you feeling like every single dollar that when into your air conditioning repair South St. Paul project was money well spent.

It’s More Than Just an AC Repair to Us - South St. Paul

It’s More Than Just an AC Repair to Us

Sure, we could be that South St. Paul company that comes out, fixes up your equipment really quickly, and bang, we are off again to the next problem.  But that isn’t us.  We actually have committed ourselves to spending a set number of hours with you.  That’s how our company model is set up.  We are not just and ‘in and out’ kind of company.  We know that most consumers really don’t know too much about their equipment, and that’s exactly what we want to change.

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a company take an extra half hour and just explain stuff, and we mean really explain how everything works.  Of course it would!  Because even though our technicians are extremely knowledge in the HVAC world, most of them aren’t familiar with, say the complexities of computer programming for example.  And that’s exactly the difference between Service Today Heating & Cooling and the ‘other guys”.  It’s the fact that when we are out on an air conditioning repair South St. Paul project, we remember the time our computer broke down and we had someone out to fix it.  We thought to ourselves, “I wish he would just spend another fifteen minutes explaining things to me, so I really understand how it all works.’  It’s that exact memory that motivates us as a company to take that extra time and sit down with you and educate you on your HVAC equipment.  Plus, It’s a great chance just to get to know our customers as well.  Because in the end, that is what it’s really all about, people helping people, people serving people, and people getting to know other people.  So, when you do call us out on that air conditioning repair South St. Paul project, make sure you ask questions.  Because we are ready with the time to give the answers you are looking for, and heck, maybe you will even make a new friend along the way!

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Air Conditioning Repair South St. Paul

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