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Air Conditioning Repair in Edina, MN

Air Conditioning Repair in Edina, MN

Repairing Your Edina Air Conditioner Today

Service Today Heating & Cooling’s Comfort Squad is more than capable of ensuring a technician is on staff to get out to your home the day you call us to repair your air conditioner.  For this reason alone, customers love our company. No one person living in Edina, likes to be told to wait around for a day or two to get their air conditioning system fixed, especially when it is extremely hot outside and they need their air conditioning unit fixed immediately.  We understand this mentality, and most customer have it.  We get it.  Who really likes sleeping when its 100 degrees in their home?  Absolutely no one.  And because of this, we guarantee that we will have one of our air conditioning repair Edina technicians out to your home today.  Even if that means we have to work late into the evening to get the job done.  We are okay with that.  Because the most important part is making our customers happy. If we can do that, then we are happy.  If you are happy, we are too!  So call us, and schedule someone to come out to your home today.  We will be there in a matter of hours.

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Air Conditioning Repair in Edina, MN

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Air Conditioning Repair for Your Edina Home - Edina

Air Conditioning Repair for Your Edina Home

Many times, it’s hard for customers to understand the ins and outs of an air conditioner.  Most people know that if they don’t keep up with their annual maintenance, more likely than not, their Edina home’s air conditioning unit will eventually break down.  But beyond that, homeowners are just not versed in the kinds of things that make it easy for individuals to understand how an air conditioner really works.

And this is perhaps the most frustrating part.  How will you know if a company is going to take advantage of you?  How are you going to know if a technician is just trying to upsell you a new part, or if you really need it?  This similar frustration occurs at the autobody shop for a large number of people too.  Simply, put, without having the technical experience needed to really understand what’s going on at a mechanical level, all you have to work with is trust,  entrusting the company you choose.  So, the real question is, do you trust the company you are going to hire? Are you ready to trust our air conditioning repair Edina technicians?

If you are not 100% confident that your previous HVAC company will take care of you, then you should probably reconsider hiring that contractor again.  We have found a large number of our new customers have switched over to us, because of bad experiences with other HVAC companies in the past.  And this is a shame.  For one, it makes it difficult to regain customer’s trust, once it has been violated.  But through hard work, honest business practices, and top-notch customer service, our air conditioning repair Edina certified technicians always win new customers over!  So, if you are unsure who to hire, we strongly encourage you calling us.  We are confident that you are going to receive the best quality service from our company.  We guarantee it!

Air Conditioning Repair Vs. Air Conditioning Replacement - Edina

Air Conditioning Repair Vs. Air Conditioning Replacement

This question is thrown around atleast once or twice in a homeowner’s life.  At some point, your air conditioning unit will break down, and that unit will be over a decade old.  So, at what point do you stop investing more money into an old system, and simply just replace the whole unit?  This question is a very tough one to answer.  It all depends on the multitude of factors that will affect the performance and integrity of your current system.  The only way you get that question answered for your Edina home specifically, is hiring one of Service Today’s trained air conditioning repair Edina technicians.  They will come out to your home and assess the situation.

You may find out that you actually have five or six good years left in the system, any that you only need to replace a small component or part.  Many times customers, are relieved knowing that we gave them an honest answer.  Because at one point in their life, another company came out and did not give them the truth, and because of that, hearing honest answers comes as a shock.

Our job isn’t to upsell you on parts you do not need.  Our job isn’t to upsell you a new unit when you don’t really need one.  That runs counter intuitive to our business model. Our main concern is your satisfaction.  If we can deliver on that, we know that when you do need a new unit, you are going to consider us when the times comes.  We don’t see you as a potential dollar sign floating over your head, but rather, we see you as a person, a friend , or a family member.  It’s this customer service based approach that has really helped our company’s success, and not only that, but more importantly, it has helped customers all over Minnesota.  So let our air conditioning repair Edina technicians help you today.  Call our office, and let’s get you schedule.  We will take good care of you.

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Air Conditioning Repair in Edina, MN

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