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Air Conditioning Installation in Minneapolis, MN

Air Conditioning Installation in Minneapolis, MN

Has your air conditioner stopped cooling your home like it used to? If you’re experiencing cooling problems call Service Today. If your AC cannot be repaired then maybe it’s time to find an new one. Service Today sells & installs air conditioning systems in Minneapolis, MN.

Service Today will give you a free estimate for a new air conditioning installation in Minneapolis, MN. We sell top cooling brands like Lennox, Carrier, Trane and more. Once we have measured your home and know your comfort needs & budget, we will offer you cooling solutions that match. Our technicians have the experience & training to install your air conditioner correctly. We offer great warranties & satisfaction is guaranteed!

For the very best in air conditioning installation in Minneapolis, MN, call Service Today!

The Importance of a Good AC Installation

If you are considering replacing your existing air conditioning in Minneapolis, MN, there are a few things you need to know about air conditioning installation.  If you do not know these helpful tips and guidelines, you are at risk of installing an air conditioner that will completely fail after only a handful of years.  It happens all the time!  When Service Today Heating & Cooling opened its doors, we vowed to prevent this cooling catastrophe from happening to as many homeowners as we possible could.  No one wants to purchase an air conditioning unit.  And no one definitely wants to purchase 2 units in a few short years of each other. And believe you me, this has been a challenge, but by simply making people aware of the necessary installation requirements, we have ensured that thousands of homeowners have installed an air conditioning unit that has lasted them decade after decade.  Our amazing staff, and extremely skilled technicians will provide the best in air conditioning installation in Minneapolis, MN. Call us for a free estimate!

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The Most Common AC Installation Error - Minneapolis, MN

The Most Common AC Installation Error

Virtually every other HVAC company in Minnesota makes many detrimental errors when bidding out and installing air conditioning units.  The most important thing you can possible do when looking into purchasing a new air conditioning system is a Manual J Cooling Load Calculation.  If a company does not do this, more times than not, your system is not going to be sized for your house correctly, and this causes huge problems later on.

We do not want to name names, but we can confidently say more than 80% of companies size units incorrectly.  This is an infection that plagues our industry!  But at Service Today, our air conditioning installation Minneapolis technicians will guarantee your installation will be sized correctly, and that the unit you purchased will be energy efficient, and last decades!

If your system is not sized properly, your air conditioning unit will break down and fail years before the manufacturer intended it to.  If your unit is too big for your home, your system will constantly turn on and off, which puts unnecessary stress on the unit and is extremely expensive in terms of energy bills.  If your system is too small, your air conditioning unit will constantly run, which will also put high amounts of stress on the unit.

If you have the wrong sized unit put into your home, and if you are purchasing an energy efficient air conditioning unit, that energy savings will go right out the window.  This happens every single day in Minneapolis.  We cannot begin to tell you the thousands of botched installations we run into year after year, bad installations by ‘reputable’ companies, installations that did not have the correct calculations executed on the front end.  

Service Today Difference in AC Installations - Minneapolis, MN

Service Today Difference in AC Installations

Did you know that the size of your windows, the type of insulation your home utilized, the direction your home is relative to the sun, and the type of flooring you have all affect what kind of air conditioning unit is needed for you home?  Well, its true!  And it is surprising.  The air conditioning installation Minneapolis technicians take dozens of measurements and calculations, and take hundreds of variables into account, and they do this to get a perfectly matched air conditioning unit for your Minneapolis home.  We do this so your unit will last decades, so that you energy bills are dramatically reduced, and so that you unit will rarely (if ever) breakdown!  We want our customers to be happy, and it all starts with the planning.  The more planning you put into a project, the better the outcome.  This idea holds true for air conditioning installations perfectly.

And not only do we plan right, but the installation itself is executed by the most knowledgeable air conditioning installation Minneapolis certified technicians in the entire state.  We have installed every single make and model on the market dozens, if not hundreds of times.  We know what we need to do to execute a perfect installation, and we do it every time.  We take pride in our work, and it shows.  It shows because when we leave the home, you have a huge smile on your face, and it shows when you receive your next moths energy bill, realizing that you have just experienced a dramatic reduction in price.  All these things are extremely important to us, and to you.  That is why we do right by you, and by your home.  Our Comfort Squad will make sure we treat you right.  Call us today, and experience the difference our knowledgeable air conditioning installation Minneapolis certified technicians will provide you and your home with!

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Air Conditioning Installation in Minneapolis, MN

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