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Air Conditioning Installation in Eagan

Air Conditioning Installation in Eagan

The Real Truth About AC Installation

What we are about to tell you is the kind of knowledge that was traditionally kept a closely guarded secret from consumers.  But Service Today Heating & Cooling prides itself on transparency and honesty, and that is why we are willing to arm our customers with the knowledge they need to make an informed decision when installing a new air conditioning unit.

The real truth is that virtually every air conditioning installation company in Eagan, heck every single company in the entire state of Minnesota, purchases their equipment and accessories at the same price (or very near to). So the real question is this.  Why are companies bids for new air conditioner installations so different from each other?  Why is one company so much more expensive than the other?  And this is the answer…It comes down to the installation itself!  The reason companies can be, at times, thousands of dollars cheaper is because they are cutting corners!  People do not understand that when installing an air conditioner, there are dozens and dozens of things that need to be accomplished in order to ensure the new unit you have just purchased will function as it should.  Without these adjustments, implementations, and needed changes, your unit will not work the way it is supposed to.

When you hire Service Today you will get quality & experienced air conditioning installation in Eagan!

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Air Conditioning Installation in Eagan

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Signs of a Bad AC Installation - Eagan

Signs of a Bad AC Installation

You know you are going to get a bad air conditioning installation if the company has not thoroughly explained what is is there are going to do to ensure the new unit you purchased works right.  Listen for the words ductwork modifications, drain lines, new whip and disconnect… these are the hot button words that will ensure you are getting what you paid for. Your Eagan home deserves the best, right? So remember this… Companies rely upon the fact that you probably don’t know an awful lot about installations in general, and because of that, they cut corners, reuse old materials, and execute bad installation practices in order to keep costs down.  Keep an eye out for these kinds of air conditioning installation Eagan companies when shopping around.

Service Today Heating & Coolings AC Installation Promise - Eagan

Service Today Heating & Coolings AC Installation Promise

We’re not going to say we are the cheapest company around, because we aren’t.  That is simply, because we do the work that your air conditioning requires in order to operate as efficiently as possible.  We will never cut corners, we will always explain the changes that are required for an optimal efficiency operation.  And we will always price match “apples-to-apples”.  Show us your other air conditioning installation Eagan bids, and we will explain the differences in quality every time.  And this is our final promise to you:  We will always be the cheapest company in the state based on the entirety of the work that is performed.  We will always go above and beyond homeowner expectations on every install.  These promises should ensure trust and confidence in our air conditioning installation Eagan company.  Call Service Today Heating & Cooling’s Comfort Squad and experience the difference first hand.  Your Eagan house will be cool, you will save loads of money on your energy bills, and because the unit was installed correctly, your air conditioning unit will last decades!

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Air Conditioning Installation in Eagan

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