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Air Conditioner Woodbury

Air Conditioner Woodbury

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Our company was built on the founding principles of honesty and integrity.  We felt that bad business practices plague our industry, tainting consumer perceptions of HVAC companies all across Minnesota.  We can’t begin to count the amount of times these kinds of bad practices occurred within Woodbury borders.  We knew that to change the perceptions of individuals, we needed to lead by example, putting forth the effort needed to blow each and every one of our customers completely away, every single time.  This has been our commitment form day one, and when  you call us out to your home to fix, maintain, install your air conditioner, or provide duct cleaning –  you will understand why we are different from every other cooling company in Minnesota.   And if you do not believe us, our Angie’s List reviews also attest to this declaration our ours.  We have the most experienced air conditioner Woodbury technicians you can hire working under our roof.  We hope they can work under yours too!

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Air Conditioner Woodbury

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Service Today Heating & Cooling’s AC Repairs - Woodbury

Service Today Heating & Cooling’s AC Repairs

When you call us out to your home, our Service Today will diagnose your air conditioner’s problematic occurrences in record time.  We are confident in this because of the continuing education programs we have implemented within our air conditioner Woodbury company.  Every one of our air conditioner Woodbury technicians receives ongoing training throughout the year, not only to educate themselves on new units and new kinds of equipment, but also to practice learned skills over again, to become more efficient in the most common repairs they run into.  We want to get your air conditioner up and running in no time, and even though we dedicate a set number of hours to every single one of our calls, (we do this to make sure you do not have any unanswered questions before we leave the home – we think it is super important that our customers are as educated as possible when it comes to their cooling system overall), we still want to be as efficient as possible when it comes to the actual air conditioner repairs.  This leaves us more time to provide you with the kind of customer service every person living in Woodbury really does deserve.

Our AC Installation Process - Woodbury

Our AC Installation Process

Installations are a very tricky kind of business.  There are so many things that can go wrong when installing a new air conditioner into your home.  That is why we see problem instances executed by other companies daily.  In fact, more that 80% of air conditioners are not installed the way the manufacturer indicated. And what happens when you have a bad installation?  Units burn out quicker, you lose money on energy bills because your unit isn’t running as efficiently as it is supposed to, and there are at times even health and safety concerns that arise as well.   When you choose Service Today Heating & Cooling’s Service Today to execute your install, you can be assured that our air conditioner Woodbury staff knows exactly what they are doing, and that we will never take short cuts to lower the price.  Shoddy installation practices is perhaps the most heavily guarded secret in our industry, and we wanted to distance ourselves from that as much as possible.  Call us and experience the difference first hand!

AC Preventative Maintenance - Woodbury

AC Preventative Maintenance

We can’t begin to stress how important it is that each and every Woodbury homeowner performs regular preventative maintenance on thier air conditioner unit.  Every day we go out to peoples homes, and see the damage that has been done due to a lack of care.  Most homeowners are not diligent when it comes to getting a tune up every single year, but the ones that are see the benefits first hand.  Thier energy bills are lower, their unit has outlasted its estimated lifespan by years and years, the health and safety of their family is not in question.  The list goes on an on.  We really want to make sure you are doing tune ups on your air conditioner every year.  And for that, we have a preventive maintenance plan just for you.  Our air conditioner Woodbury staff will proudly boast, that our plan is the best valued plan in the entire state of Minnesota, so you know you are getting your monies worth, and you know you are working with a company that you can trust.  Call us today, and we will gladly sign you up!

Indoor Air Quality & HVAC Accessories - Woodbury

Indoor Air Quality & HVAC Accessories

There is an extremely long list of beneficial products you can install into your Woodbury home.  From humidification systems, to electronic air cleaners.  The list is long indeed.  But before you randomly choose the product you think you need, we really want you to call us and have a free indoor air quality consultation with one of our representative.  We can establish what your home and your families needs really are, and in doing so, we can pinpoint precisely the kinds of products that would provide you with the most benefits.  Call our Service Today for more details!  Our knowledge air conditioner Woodbury staff will gladly assist you with anything you desire!

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