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Air Conditioner West St. Paul

Air Conditioner West St. Paul

Your AC Takes on the Elements

Every single air conditioner unit is exposed to rain and wind, snow and sleet, scorching hot sunlight, and frigid cold temperatures.  It isn’t a wonder that every so often it needs some attention.  And when this time comes, it’s good to know that our air conditioner West St. Paul AC technicians have the ability to maintain, repair, and install every single unit, every make, and every model imaginable.

We will keep you cool during the hottest days of the year, because no one wants to go without AC if they don’t have to.  And it’s a special kind of drag when you have this beautiful, wondrous air conditioner unit, but it doesn’t have the capacity to do its job, namely cooling the house like it’s supposed to.

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Air Conditioner West St. Paul

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Service Today Heating & Cooling and the AC Tune Up - West St. Paul

Service Today Heating & Cooling and the AC Tune Up

Most people forget about doing their annual air conditioner tune up, and more often than not, because of their forgetfulness, sometime throughout the cooling season, perhaps on one of those really hot days in July or August, their air conditioner breaks down.  That is why hundreds of people, people just like you, decide to become a member and join our Comfort Club, the best valued preventative maintenance program in Minnesota.

It is actually quite incredible how many repairs could be prevented simply by having an experienced air conditioner West St. Paul technician out to look at your unit yearly. When you call Service Today’s Comfort Squad out to your home for your yearly cooling season tune up, not only will you receive the most comprehensive tune up on the market, but you will also know that their competency and experience will help you save money in the long run.

AC Breakdowns are Inevitable - Service Today is The Right Choice - West St. Paul

AC Breakdowns are Inevitable - Service Today is The Right Choice

There are so many different reasons why your air conditioner West St. Paul unit could break down.  It could be an electrical malfunction, a condenser fan or blower motor issue, the contractor could be shot, the electrical whip or disconnect could need replacing, or it could even be some thermostat communication malfunction.  The list is long indeed.  But whatever kind of breakdown that has occurred at your home, our West St. Paul technicians will quickly diagnose the issue, effectively communicate to you the reasons why the breakdown occurred, and most importantly, you will find yourself in a no-pressure situation, considering multiple options our technicians have provided to you to rectify the solution. This is something that we are extremely proud of.  Because it isn’t about the money when it comes to our company, its about helping people get what they deserve, namely a nice cool, comfortable home in which they can relax and escape the heat, and at a fair price too!

Replacing Your Existing AC - West St. Paul

Replacing Your Existing AC

Replacing your existing air conditioner can be extremely stressful.  Who is the best company for the job? Who can I trust?  Is this the best price out there? What’s really included in that estimate I got?  There are so many questions that need answering in order for customers to make a well informed decision.  And unfortunately, most air conditioner West St. Paul companies that bid out projects do not answer these questions adequately.

But that is precisely why Service Today Heating & Cooling is different.  Our air conditioner West St. Paul staff  know most customers will receive multiple estimates on replacing their unit, and in fact, we actually encourage it!  You may think that to be crazy, but we don’t!  Because we are so confident that after shopping around, you will realize that Service Today Heating & Cooking is exactly the type of company you want installing your new equipment.

But let’s face it, we know we won’t get to be the company to do every person’s install, and we are okay with that.  But we do make a promise to each and every customer of ours, and that promise is this – we will make sure you have every single question answered so you can make an informed decision.  Whether that answer we provide pushed you to use another company, it makes no difference to us.  All our air conditioner West St. Paul staff wants to concentrate on is honesty!  Plain and simple.  People shouldn’t need to make an air conditioner purchase more than once or twice a lifetime.  We just want to ensure that when you do make that decision, you choose wisely.

Your AC Dehumidification Ability - West St. Paul

Your AC Dehumidification Ability

Simply by running your air conditioner, you are naturally dehumidifying your home.  But sometime, simply running the air conditioner is not quite enough.  Believe it or not, Minnesota can actually have some of the muggiest days in the United States.  With all of our lakes and rivers, we have ample water to draw from.  Couple that with the heat, and you have a recipe for a humidity disaster. That is why, when installing a new air conditioner unit, many individuals consider implementing an additional dehumidification system along with their AC unit itself.  There are many different options, and our air conditioner West St. Paul staff will inform you of the best option, one that fits your home and your budget.

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