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Air Conditioner Repair in Eagan, MN

Air Conditioner Repair in Eagan, MN

It is quite common for people to only use their air conditioner unit when they really need it, but let’s face it, there is going to be a time during every summer, when that same reluctant person, that person that hates wasting money on cooling their home, will bite the bullet, stomp on over to their thermostat (or perhaps going to their smartphone or computer as thermostats have become super techy!), switch it on to cooling mode, and then thank the heavens they have an air conditioner in their Eagan home.  But there will be those unlucky few, who after deciding to turn on their air conditioner, will find that it doesn’t blow cold air…. oh no! Then you realize you need AC repair in Eagan, MN.

If you find you need AC repair … you are in luck, because you have landed in the right place.  Forget about every other air conditioner repair Eagan based company.  Service Today Heating & Cooling is the perfect match for you and you broken AC.  We have the skills, know the language, and have the training to get virtually any kind of air conditioner unit up and running again.  Our air conditioner repair Eagan technicians have the ability to ensure you feel comfortable again.  We are called Service Today for a reason.  Before we leave the home, and once we have everything working, we make sure we get a chance to see the face you will make when you finally feel the bliss of cold air seeping out of your vents again.  That is why we like to call ourselves Service Today.  We provide comfort!  Plain and Simple.

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Air Conditioner Repair in Eagan, MN

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Cooling Your Home Is Expensive - We Can Help With That! - Eagan

Cooling Your Home Is Expensive - We Can Help With That!

We get it.  Cooling your home is expensive.  Everyone at Service Today Heating & Cooling understands the feeling of high energy bills.  We all have homes of our own, and not only that, but we also have to cool our 3000 square foot warehouse in the summer time.  Ouch!  And that’s why we don’t just come into your home and repair your broken air conditioner and leave.  We answer all of your question, train you on how to properly operate and maintain your air conditioner, and beyond that, and probably the most important thing our air conditioner repair Eagan technicians will do, is educating you on certain strategies and products you can implement into your cooling system that will allow for a more energy efficient operation.

Get My AC Running Again - and YES, Lower My Bills Please! - Eagan

Get My AC Running Again - and YES, Lower My Bills Please!

We have uber energy efficient motors we can put into your cooling system, that not only dramatically reducing your electricity costs, but they also sp a great job evening out all those nasty temperature differences in your home.  Our air conditioner repair Eagan staff will also explain the benefits of a dehumidification system, something that not only removes moisture from the air, which makes the air in your home feel cooler, but it also allows you to set your thermostat slightly warmer in temperature, reducing your energy bills and alleviating that ‘high bill sting’.

And lets not forget a programmable thermostat.  Its a common fact that many people already have this in their homes, but are not utilizing it the way they should.  All these little things can dramatically reduce your bills, and also keep your system running as efficiently and as long as possible. Our friendly air conditioner repair Eagan technicians and knowledgeable staff will make sure you are making smart decisions when it comes to cooling down your Eagan home.

We Can Fix Every AC Out There - Eagan

We Can Fix Every AC Out There

This is our promise to you… not only will we be able to guarantee same day service, but we will also be able to guarantee that our air conditioner repair Eagan technicians will get your air conditioner up and running that same day.  Our work vans are essentially warehouses on wheels.  We have all the parts needed to make sure your air conditioner can be fixed the day we come out there, and if we can’t we will gladly give you a reduction in price.  If you need to cool your home, and you want it done fast, affordably, and be left with a more efficiently operating system, then call our Service Today today, each one of our air conditioner repair Eagan technicians will gladly swing out your way and lend a helping hand.  You will not regret it!

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Air Conditioner Repair in Eagan, MN

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