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Air Conditioner Installation West St. Paul

Air Conditioner Installation West St. Paul

Building A Home & The AC Installation – A Historical Perspective

West St. Paul homes, and homes built all across the country, built prior to the 1980’s used a rule of thumb when allocating money to certain parts of the new construction project.  It was generally accepted that ⅓ of the building cost would be allocated to the mechanical aspects of the house, the heating and cooling appliances and ductwork, the plumbing, the electrical, etc.  This rule, while perhaps not producing a house that looked as aesthetically pleasing as homes today, ensured that each project left enough money allocated to allow for a reliable, top of the line HVAC system, systems that air conditioner installation West St. Paul companies could stand behind.   That is why, often times you hear the phrase, “they don’t make things like they used to”…

Well, its not that manufacturers don’t put out reliable units anymore, its more the fact that when new construction projects go up, especially in the past thirty years, they only left about 6% of the total cost of the home to the appliance side of things.  People wanted granite counter tops, and beautiful wood flooring, instead of a competent air conditioner. This means, after the plumbing, and electrical projects have been completed, only a an extremely small amount of money is left over for the HVAC system.  So, West St. Paul companies were forced out of the equation altogether, cheap, unreliable, builder model units were put into homes, units that breakdown constantly.  The HVAC system became unimportant, pushed aside to achieve the aesthetic ambitions of consumers.

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Air Conditioner Installation West St. Paul

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Bad AC Installation Practices Today - West St. Paul

Bad AC Installation Practices Today

Roughly half of the units we put in throughout the year stem from this issue.  That means consumers are spending money on new units, because they went the cheap route to begin with.  But that isn’t even the worst part.  Most air conditioner installation West St. Paul companies still to this day cut corners on their installation.  They still use builder grade models.  Instead of standing by reliable appliances, they decided to hop on the ‘cheap’ bandwagon and give consumers what they thought they wanted – namely inexpensive HVAC equipment.

The irony of the situation is staggering.  Another fourth of the  West St. Paul installations we do on a yearly basis, are installation that stem from companies putting in shoddy units, and cutting corners to keep the cost down.  When we opened our doors, we swore we would never be like these other companies, even if that meant our cost of installations were just a bit higher.  We wanted to ensure that with every single installation we were doing, we were proud of the work we had completed, proud to put our name on the job itself, proud because our air conditioner installation West St. Paul technicians were doing what each and every customer truly deserved, namely getting a quality product, coupled with a quality install.

The AC Installation Service Today Difference - West St. Paul

The AC Installation Service Today Difference

If you decide to get a free estimate through our air conditioner installation West St. Paul company, know that the estimate will include every single thing needed to ensure your new unit will run as efficiently as possible, and for as long as possible too.  ‘Consumer Reports’ deftly states that the installation is the most important day of your unit’s life, for it determines how it will function in your home.  If you choose a company that cuts corners, that does not do the proper ductwork modifications, that does not size the unit correctly, it will greatly impact the performance of your unit.  Why spend thousands of dollars on an extremely energy efficient system, and then have a shoddy installation prevent the unit from performing as it should?  People do it every single day, and its hard for an air conditioner installation West St. Paul company like ours to see this occur.  But that is the reality of it.  Some people will always be blinded by the price tag.  All we can do is educate our customers as effectively as possible.

But know, if you do decide to choose us to install your equipment, you will be getting the best possible installation that unit can receive.  Our installs allow us to provide you with our famous 10 Year Parts & Labor Guarantee!  We can do this, because we know your unit will have a very long, energy efficiency, money saving life.  Call us for a free estimate, and let us show you the difference our air conditioner installation West St. Paul technicians will provide you, first hand.

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Air Conditioner Installation West St. Paul

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