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Air Conditioner Installation Lakeville

Air Conditioner Installation Lakeville

Service Today AC Installations

By choosing Service Today Heating & Cooling, by choosing our highly trained Comfort Squad, you can be assured that your installation will be done correctly, and by the book!  That means better efficiency, a longer air conditioner life, better comfort for your family, lower energy bills, and a lower impact on the environment!  We guarantee all these things because we actually care about how we install your AC.  And why do we care?  It is simple.  We care, because it’s the right thing to do!  So, call our experienced air conditioner installation Lakeville accredited technicians and staff members.  Call us, and experience the difference our team will provide you first hand!  It will be the best decision you have made in a long time.

We vowed never to be like those other HVAC companies just out for a profit.  So what does this mean?  Well, we probably won’t be the cheapest price out there, but what we can guarantee you is that your installation will be the best installation you can possibly get.  What we can also guarantee you is that we will always price match estimates (if those estimates in question are an apples to apples comparisons).

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Air Conditioner Installation Lakeville

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Comparing Multiple AC Estimates - Lakeville

Comparing Multiple AC Estimates

Most of our Lakeville customers shop around for the best price when it comes to getting a new air conditioner.  And it isn’t that we discourage individuals from doing this.  Quite the opposite actually.  We want homeowners to make sure they are choosing the best company for the job.  Purchasing a new air conditioner is an important investment.

But what you need to remember when price shopping is that most times, when comparing estimates, the quotes you have received are not including the same things.  It is a lot easier to shop around for a product like a microwave, because what you see is what you get, but when shopping around for a new air conditioner, there are many factors that are not apparent to homeowners.   So please remember, those multiple estimates you received from all those other air conditioner installation Lakeville accredited companies, are not ‘apples-to-apples’ comparisons.  Knowing this, you can now begin to understand just how challenging it is for homeowners to determine what bid is the best value.

What Should Be Included In My AC Estimate - Lakeville

What Should Be Included In My AC Estimate

When installing a new air conditioner, many companies do not include important items in their estimate to keep the cost down.  Most air conditioner installation Lakeville accredited companies reuse old materials such as the air conditioner pad, the AC whip,  and the AC disconnect.  Companies also don’t do the proper ductwork modification to achieve the proper airflow the new unit you just purchased needs to run efficiently.  Other times, companies do not run the propor drain lines that are required by the manufacturer.  The list goes on and on.  Companies do this to keep costs down.  They want to blind you with a cheap price.  They hope that homeowners won’t understand what is really needed in order to do a proper install, and they hope that homeowners will choose the lowest priced estimate as a result.

Beware of these tricks! Here at Service Today Heating & Cooling, we cannot begin to count the amount of times homeowners have got snagged up by this dishonest kind of maneuvering. We just want homeowners to understand that the lowest price rarely equates to the best option.

The Installation Process Affects Your AC Long Term - Lakeville

The Installation Process Affects Your AC Long Term

If you chose a company that leaves out the little things, the things that are actually the most important too, you are going to be left with air conditioner that will not last as long.  We have run into air conditioners dying after five years because of bad installations.  That meant that the homeowner had to purchase two new air conditioners in six years instead of one that should have lasted twenty years!  This situation should never happen!

If you chose an air conditioner installation Lakeville based company that doesn’t give you a proper installation, your unit will not be as efficient either.  This means higher energy bills, and more costs to you!

The point we are getting at here is pretty simple, if you decide you want to go with the cheaper company, you are going to get a cheaper installation.  Sure, you might save $800 on the front end of things, but with the higher utilities bills and the risk of total air conditioner failure after only a handful of years, you will probably end up spending a whole lot more money in the long run, because of that initial decision.  We strongly encourage you to avoid this if you can.  And of course, if you have any questions about your estimates, call us and one of our air conditioner installation Lakeville staff members will be happy to walk you through the purchasing process.

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Air Conditioner Installation Lakeville

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