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Air Conditioner Installation Eden Prairie

Air Conditioner Installation Eden Prairie

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If you are confused or simply need more information about the estimate you have already received, we would be happy to explain anything and everything to you. Our goal is to make sure you are making the most informed decision you can possible make. and you can only do this by having your estimates explained to you in a way that makes sense, and in a way that breaks down what each company is really including.  Only then can you start to compare estimates, and only then can you make the right decision for your Eden Prairie home.

Even if you don’t choose us (though we can guarantee that if you do, you are making the right decision), that’s okay.  As long as you are comfortable with your decision.  This is the most important thing of all.  We just encourage you to consider us as one of your primary options.  We do have the best guarantees and warranties in the industry, and we do have the most skilled and practiced of air conditioner installation Eden Prairie technicians in the entire state.  When you call us, you will be getting your money’s worth.  We promise you this!  Plus, we also give you a One Year Test Drive too… what company will offer you that?

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Air Conditioner Installation Eden Prairie

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Shopping Around - Eden Prairie

Shopping Around

It isn’t that we discourage individuals from shopping around.  Quite the opposite actually.  We want Eden Prairie consumers to make the most informed and educated of decisions when buying a new air conditioner unit.  We want this because it’s what every homeowner deserves.  Nobody wants to get taken advantage of, and doing your research can help you avoid those all too common contractor ‘horror-stories’ you hear every now and then.

But let’s be honest here for a second… you really know what you are looking for? Can you confidently say you know what to compare?  Probably not.  And that is okay.  Most people really haven’t a clue as to what they are looking for.  And at the end of the day, it all comes down to price.  But price isn’t the biggest indicator of value.  In this industry, the lower the price, the worse quality install you are going to get.  And believe you me, you do not want a poor installation for your Eden Prairie. “You get what you pay for”  …. this saying is extremely true in our industry.

The most common mistake people make is deciding on a company based off price alone.  This is a common story.  Customers decide they need a new system. They get a few bids, and see that there is a huge price range between the bids. So, what do they usually do?  They throw out the bid that’s the lowest, and they throw out the bid that’s the highest, and usually they go with something in the middle.  But even this strategy will get you in trouble.  At Service Today Heating & Cooling, the number one problem our air conditioner installation Eden Prairie technicians run into on a daily basis… bad installations!  It causes the majority of the breakdowns we have to repair, it causes the majority of premature system failures we run into, and it’s the leading cause of inefficient systems.  So please… avoid a bad installation at all costs!  Do not make up your mind on price alone.

What You Really Need to Look For - Eden Prairie

What You Really Need to Look For

With our installation, we actually guarantee (in writing no less) a 25% reduction in your utility bills.  We can do this, because we install your air conditioner system correctly.  Most companies won’t even talk about the energy savings you may or may not receive after the install, because they know that to achieve such savings, they have to do a whole lot of extra work.  The good news is, we do this work.  Our air conditioner installation Eden Prairie certified technicians do the extra work needed.  Every single time!  But what does the ‘extra work’ entail?

For starters, they have to make sure they are sizing your unit correctly.  This is the most important thing you can do to make sure you have a properly installed air conditioner.  Did you know that 75% of homes in Minnesota have units that are improperly sized?  That number is staggering!

But it’s true.  And it’s because contractors do not take the time to size your unit right.  If it’s too big, it will turn on and off constantly, putting way too much stress on the unit.  And if its undersized, it will constantly run, and again, put way too much stress on the unit.  And in both cases, your energy bills are going to be way more than they were with your old unit.  Now that doesn’t make sense at all, right?

The second thing contractors need to do to ensure they are installing your Eden Prairie home’s unit correctly (and most do not do), and in turn reduce your energy bills significantly, is making sure they are making the necessary modifications to your entire heating cooling system.  Most old systems cannot handle new units.  That means that electrical and gas line modifications are needed, and most importantly, ductwork modifications are needed.  These modifications are extremely important, and they are also the kinds of things contracts hate to include in their estimate. Why? Well,  it’s the most time consuming and the most expensive of things needed.

The good news is that there are a handful of companies that actually do what they are supposed to do.  We are one of them.  Our air conditioner installation Eden Prairie technicians go above and beyond the call of duty to ensure you are getting your system installed perfectly.  We guarantee it!

Do Not Get Taken Advantage Of - Eden Prairie

Do Not Get Taken Advantage Of

Most companies will bank on the fact that you do not know what kinds of modifications are needed.  So most companies won’t include these modification in their estimates.  They count on the fact that all Eden Prairie homeowners really know is one thing, and thats if their vents are blowing cold air.  So, what do they do? They cut corners to keep prices low, and with these low prices comes shoddy work.  These shoddy installs will ensure that your new unit, the one you just paid thousands and thousands of dollars for, will break down more frequently, and fail prematurely.  We urge you… please, avoid these companies like the plague.

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