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Air Conditioner Installation Cottage Grove

Air Conditioner Installation Cottage Grove

Sizing The Right Unit For Your Home

Some 80% of air conditioner units are not sized correctly.  This is incredible.  We are just baffled by this number here at Service Today Heating & Cooling.  How do these companies stay in business year after year, when they are not doing the proper measurements?  Don’t homeowners get upset when their air conditioner unit completely fails after only a handful of years?  Don’t homeowners hold these companies accountable for their poor workmanship?

The answer is no!  And it’s because homeowners do not understand the importance of sizing the right unit out for your home.  Our air conditioner installation Cottage Grove certified technicians do a meticulous job taking the proper measurements for the house.  And they do this because having wrong sized unit will cause the air conditioner unit to run extremely ineffective, putting undo stress on its mechanisms, and more often than not, cause complete system failure years prematurely.  We want your Cottage Grove home’s new air conditioner unit to last for decades, and that’s why we make sure we take the time to do the proper measurement.  Putting a little more work in on the front end will make sure that $4000+ purchase will last!

Air Conditioner Installation Cottage Grove
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Does AC Brand Matter? - Cottage Grove

Does AC Brand Matter?

You see these top ten lists all over the internet explaining the best brand air conditioners you can buy, and while there are a lot of knock-off brands out there, brands you should probably avoid, for the most part, and big air conditioner manufacturer supplies units that compete with other manufacturers.  So what does this mean exactly?  Well, this means that homeowners are too caught up on brand.  The most important thing you can do as a Cottage Grove homeowner is ensure that the company you are purchasing the unit from provides you with amazing written guarantees and warranties.  Without these, it doesn’t matter if you have the best brand air conditioner out there, you will still be a sitting duck when your air conditioner breaks two years down the line.  But if you have some reassurances from the air conditioner installation Cottage Grove company you eventually choose, this peace of mind can go a long way!

That being said, Our written guarantees and warranties are the best in the industry.  We let you test drive you unit for a year, we give you a full 100% money back guarantee, and give you 10 years parts and labor warranty, and so much more.  These are the types of things you need to make sure you are receiving when purchasing a new unit.  Whether its from us, or another company, without these things to back up your purchase, it will be very likely that you will get in trouble down the road.  When you choose us though, you can rest easy knowing you are being provided the highest level of satisfaction in the industry, satisfaction on all counts, across the entire spectrum!  And coupled with the highly trained air conditioner installation Cottage Grove certified technicians we have on staff, you are sure to win!

What You Can Expect From Us - Cottage Grove

What You Can Expect From Us

You can expect excellence!  This starts right when you call us initially.  Our friendly staff will set you up with a no obligation, free estimate during a time that works for you.  When our air conditioner installation Cottage Grove technician arrives at your home, he will do all the proper measurements to ensure you are getting the correct sized air conditioner, but beyond that, he will also sit you down, and take the time to answer any of your questions.  This is the most important aspect of the call.  You will have loads of questions regarding your new air conditioner, and we dedicate a certain amount of time to ensure you are getting all of the answers you need.  Being well-informed before you finally make a decision is an integral part of the buying process, and we make sure we are getting that valuable information to you in a way that makes sense.

And the other big thing we deliver on is price.  We have an ‘apples-to-apples’ price match guarantee that we stand behind wholeheartedly.  We guarantee we are going to be the lowest priced company at the end of the day, and the company that has the most comprehensive install as well.  All these aspects should make you feel comfortable in purchasing from us.  If you have any questions though, feel free to call us at our office and the friendly and knowledgeable air conditioner installation Cottage Grove staff will assist you in every way you need.

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