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Air Conditioner Installation Coon Rapids

Air Conditioner Installation Coon Rapids

How to Pick the Right AC Estimate?

If you are shopping around for an air conditioner system for you Coon Rapids home, or if you are in the process of collecting multiple estimates, or even if you are just browsing around online, trying to educate yourself on the buying process, there are two extremely important thing you need to know before you make any kind of purchase.

We should caution you before we indulge in this information.  Most companies do not want you to know this.  If you do, there whole sales approach will be turned on its head.  HVAC contractors love the fact that most homeowners don’t really understand what to look for in an air conditioner, and they take advantage of this fact.  But we are going to arm you with the necessary information to ensure you are making the wisest decision you can possibly make.

Service Today Heating & Cooling’s air conditioner installation Coon Rapids certified technicians adamantly inform every customer these two important things.  First, make sure you have the correct size unit for you home.  Most home’s don’t have the right size unit (over half!), and this causes a whole gang of problems for your unit.  The second thing you want to make sure you receive are the proper modification to your existing heating and cooling system.  Without these modifications, your system will break down frequently, costing you hundreds if not thousands of dollars in the future.

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Air Conditioner Installation Coon Rapids

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Why is the Right Size AC So Important? - Coon Rapids

Why is the Right Size AC So Important?

To determine the right size unit, contractors must perform a Manual J Heating & Cooling Load Calculation.  If you have got estimates and companies have not done this, do not trust their bids.  We suggest throwing them out altogether.  The only way you can ensure you are getting the right system for you home is by performing these calculations.  This calculation requires the measurements of dozens of things in your home (windows, doors, insulation type and size, square footage of the home, what carpet you have, which way the home faces the sun, how tall the ceilings are, etc).  It takes into account everything that can impact the temperature in your home.

The good news is, our air conditioner installation Coon Rapids technicians do this on every single estimate we run.  We do this to hold ourselves accountable, and more importantly, we do this to make sure the unit you are purchasing will last for as long as possible.  Because if the system is size incorrectly, things go wrong. Every single time, without a shadow of a doubt.

If your air conditioner system is too small for you home, it will force the system to run constantly.  You can imagine why this would not be good for the system overall.  Forcing it to operating at full speed continuously will stress every single component in the system to the point of complete system failure.  If you have an undersized unit, your energy bills will be too high, and your system will break more frequently.

And the same things goes for a system that is too large for the home.  If your unit is oversize, the unit will turn on and shut of continuously.  This also stresses the unit to the point of failure.  Turning the system on and off takes 3 times more electricity and gas, and it puts twice as much stress on each component.  Again, your system will not last as long, and it will break more often. Our air conditioner installation Coon Rapids technicians will make sure this never happens.

Don’t Most Companies Install Equipment Correctly? - Coon Rapids

Don’t Most Companies Install Equipment Correctly?

No!  This is a big NO too. Consumer Reports inspected 10,000 homes to see if HVAC systems were installed correctly, and over 70 percent of them were not.  This number is huge, and it’s startling.  This means that the majority of companies are going to cut corners somewhere in your installation.  And more than likely, the place they are going to do that is in the lack of ductwork modifications.

These modifications are essential to ensure your Coon Rapids home’s new unit will operate as advertized.  Systems need a required amount of airflow, and old ventilation systems do not support new units.  These modifications are very expensive, and most homeowners don’t realize that they are required.  And because of this, companies will not include these modification in their estimates.  They do this to keep the price low in hopes that you will choose them for the installation.  They take advantage of your ignorance, and as a result, you receive a poorly installed unit that will break down more frequently, and cost you more money than you are initially going to save by choosing the cheaper company to install the unit.  We caution each and every homeowner, avoid these companies like the plague! We cannot stress this enough.  Fortunately, our company always does the proper modifications when we install new air conditioner units.  Our air conditioner installation Coon Rapids technicians will always make sure they are doing everything perfectly.  We are very proud of this fact!

Call Us If You Have Questions - Coon Rapids

Call Us If You Have Questions

More often than not, we deal with Coon Rapids customers that have shopped around for other estimates.  And after they have collected a few bids, they are more confused than when they started.  That’s because it is very difficult to discern what is actually included in the estimates you are receiving.  And so, that’s why we strongly encourage you to call our office.  We are more than happy to flush out all the information that is buried in the estimate, and explain what is actually included to you in such a way that makes sense. We do this because we want you to make the most informed and educated of discussions before spending thousands of dollars on a new system.

We also do this to illustrate what other companies are actually including (or not including) in their estimates.  After we explain things to you, it will be easy to see that our estimate holds the best value by far.  We have a Best Price Guarantee and a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.  We stand by these wholeheartedly.  We do this because you deserve it.  You deserve to have your equipment installed correctly, and have it last for decades and decreased.  By choosing our air conditioner installation Coon Rapids certified company, you can be guaranteed that you will receive just that, exceptional service and a quality install.  Call us today for a free estimate.  We would love to hear from you!

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