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Air Conditioner Installation Burnsville

Air Conditioner Installation Burnsville

Other Companies’ Broken Promises

Every day we drive to work and hear advertisements for heating & cooling companies on the radio.  We hear words like integrity, and expertise, and excellence.  We know that they are advertisements, but we still subconsciously take in their message.  We feel that if these companies can wholeheartedly express these concepts to hundred of thousands of people everyday, then they probably can deliver on them, right?

But the truth is, that most HVAC companies do not deliver.  Sure, they might be able to repair your Burnsville home’s air conditioner, and they might be able to perform a tune up on your unit, but when it comes to installing a new unit, 95% of companies do not install the equipment like they are supposed to.  Wait a second… That cannot be right, can it? 95%?

The number is staggering!  It is really hard to believe?  You would think, if this was such a problem, more people would know about this, but the fact of the matter is, most people don’t even know what to look for in a good installation.  This makes it really easy for companies to get away with shady installation practices, practices that cut corners.  These companies (and mind you, these are some of the biggest and most well known companies in Minnesota) utilize these practices, because they know you will not know the difference, and the also do this to cut costs.  Thier air conditioner installation Burnsville salesman know most people shop for new air conditioner on price alone, and if they are the cheapest price, well then hey, they are going to be the ones that install your unit more often than not.  Why support a company that boldly takes advantage of its Burnsville customers?

This is a tragic fact of the HVAC industry, and it is also extremely difficult to educate and inform the general public about this problem plaguing households everywhere.  But at Service Today Heating & Cooling, every one of our air conditioner installation Burnsville technicians continue to live up to the promise they made when they opened the company’s doors.  We are going to be the best installation company in the state.  Even if that means our prices are slightly higher, even if that means we don’t make as much money as a company, even if that means the project will take a little longer to complete, we swore to ourselves we were going to do things right!

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Air Conditioner Installation Burnsville

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Don’t Shop On Price Alone! - Burnsville

Don’t Shop On Price Alone!

So remember, 95% of the homes we service have some aspect of their heating or cooling system installed improperly.  There is a cycle to all of this:  This occurs, because companies cut corners during the install. They do this, because they want to keep prices low.  They keep prices low, because the majority of people shop on price alone.  The majority of people shop on price alone, because they see an air conditioner they way they see a refrigerator, namely that it is a kind of ‘plug-and-play’ appliance, and the installation itself really doesn’t matter.  But this is not the case in the slightest!

If you shop on price alone, you have a 95% chance of getting a poor install.  The odds are against you…way against you!  Poor Installations lead to a multitude of problems down the road.  Your air conditioner will break more frequently, your energy bills will be dramatically higher, and your unit will prematurely fail permanently.   All of these consequences, require a lot of money to rectify.  Our air conditioner installation Burnsville technicians can guarantee that if you go cheap on your install and air conditioner purchase, in the long run, you are actually going to pay a lot more money, because of the problems it will raise in the future!

Service Today’s AC Installations - Burnsville

Service Today’s AC Installations

We guarantee we are going to give you a perfect installation!  We can do this, because we know what it takes to execute a perfect installation.  It doesn’t matter what brand you purchase, what make or model you decide to go with,  our air conditioner installation Burnsville technicians know them all, and they know how to install them into your home the right way.  By choosing us, you are going to have fewer breakdowns, you are going to save more money on your energy bills, and you are going to have that air conditioner you just purchased last years and years longer than the next guy.  Yes, this may sound like a bold statement.  But, we promise you, that it is the truth!   Because if a company doesn’t do what they are supposed to, we feel like they are taken advantage of you,, they are taking advantage of your ignorance, and this is just plain wrong.  The good new is, you have us.  You have Service Today Heating & Cooling.  You have a company that will do things right!  You have air conditioner installation Burnsville technicians that truly do live up to the word integrity, honest, and excellence! So, Call our Comfort Squad and relax knowing you are going to get treated with the respect you deserve.

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Air Conditioner Installation Burnsville

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