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Air Conditioner Installation in Brooklyn Park, MN

Air Conditioner Installation in Brooklyn Park, MN

We are going to give you the best air conditioner installation in Brooklyn Park, MN.  Best price, best installation, best warranties.  We have the lowest prices in the state (and we have a lowest price guarantee too!).  Our air conditioner certified technicians are actually going to include in your installation, the necessary modifications to your heating and cooling system, modifications that are extremely important and that are required, to ensure your air conditioner will operate as effectively as its advertised, and that the unit will also last for decades and decades.

The most important day of the life of your air conditioner, is the day it’s installed.  Without a proper install… all those amazing new features your air conditioner boasts, won’t even come to fruition.

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Air Conditioner Installation in Brooklyn Park, MN

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AC Size Matter.  It is Everything! - Brooklyn Park

AC Size Matter. It is Everything!

The first thing, and this is by far the most important thing you need to understand when shopping around for a new air conditioner, is the idea of size.  Yes, we have all heard the phrase “size matters”, or even “size doesn’t matter,” and in most cases, size is pretty irrelevant one way or another.  But when you are shopping around for a new air conditioner system, size is everything!  If you don’t purchase the right sized unit, we pretty much guarantee your system will prematurely fail (sometimes only after a handful of years).  Our air conditioner installation Brooklyn Park certified company also guarantee that your utility bills are going to be dramatically higher.  But you might ask, why is this?

If companies do not take the proper measurements to determine the perfect size unit for your home (and they do this by measure a whole gang of things like square footage of your windows and doors, insulation types, which way your house faces the sun, what type of carpeting you have, how high your ceilings are, etc), then they are just choosing a system on guesswork along.  And more times than not, they are guessing wrong.  The wrong sized unit will force your system to do one of two things.  It will constantly be running, in the case of a small system, or it will be turning on and shutting off extremely frequently, in the case of a large system.  In both cases, your Brooklyn Park home’s new system is getting beat up on. Over and over and over again.  It’s being overworked, its’ damaging your unit, and it’s inflating your energy bills.

So, if companies are not performing a ‘Manual J Heat & Cooling Load Calculation’ on your home before quoting you a system, we strongly suggest not even considering them.  They aren’t putting in the legwork upfront to ensure that your system will be perfectly matched to your house.  And if they don’t care to do the work, what else are they not going to care about, right?  There is good new though.  Our air conditioner installation Brooklyn Park technicians perform the right calculations every single time.  We guarantee it.

The Physical Installation Process - Brooklyn Park

The Physical Installation Process

Now, we aren’t talking about if companies are licensed, bonded, and insured, and we are not talking about who they hire for their installations (though this is important for other reason, reason we will explain shortly).  What we are trying to get at it the actual installation process itself.  If you hire a company that doesn’t know exactly what they are doing, or if they are intentionally cutting corners to keep prices low, we also recommend not even considering them for the install.  But how do you really pin down those kinds of companies at all?

This is a great question.  Remember now, 60% of homes have not had their heating and cooling units installed correctly.  That means over half of the companies servicing the Brooklyn Park neighborhood are not companies you should even consider.  A great way to weed through the mess is to get, in detail and in writing, absolutely everything they are going to include in the install.  Not just the physical unit, but all of the extra parts and tools they are going to need to do those modifications to your system, modifications to ensure your unit will function correctly.  The problem is, most homeowners don’t even know or think about these kinds of things.  But they are actually the most important part of the install.  Our air conditioner installation Brooklyn Park technicians recognize this fact, ensuring they are delivering the best quality installation they can possible perform.

The biggest problem is this… most companies are taking advantage of you.  They are taking advantage of the fact that you probably do not really know what to look for in a good install.  And they are counting on this, and the reason they are heavily relying upon this fact, is that they will use this against you.

Companies intentionally leave out certain kinds of somewhat costly and necessary modification to keep prices very low.  They bet on the fact that you will not know the difference, and only really care about the price tag of the install at the end of the day.  They blind customers with low prices, leave out necessary modification, take your money, and leave you with a poorly installed unit.  Don’t let this happen to you!

So Call our company.  Call our experienced and honest air conditioner installation Brooklyn Park technicians.  Call upon Service Today Heating & Cooling, because we guarantee you will not experience those all too frequent install horrors stories.  We will treat you right. Treat you the way you deserve.  Treat your Brooklyn Park home the way it deserves, Give you the kind of install you deserve, and all at the best possible price.

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Air Conditioner Installation in Brooklyn Park, MN

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