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Air Conditioner Installation Apple Valley

Air Conditioner Installation Apple Valley

The AC Installation Process

Most people do not realize that air conditioner installations are not just a kind of plug-n-play system.  Your refrigerator is like this.  Your microwave it like this. But your cooling system is not!  And many companies treat it as such.  And it is an absolute shame that they do, because if companies d0 not execute the proper modifications, adjustments, and implement certain specifications, the unit you just purchased, the one that was supposed to prove you huge savings on your energy bills, just because extremely inefficient, and just because a system that will only last seven years as opposed to 20, and just because a system that may cause health and safety concerns in the future.  All of these negative outcomes occur because of an improper installation.  It is a scary thing.  Not no now if that local air conditioner installation Apple Valley company you hired is going to take the necessary steps to install your equipment correctly…

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Air Conditioner Installation Apple Valley

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Service Today’s AC Installation Promise - Apple Valley

Service Today’s AC Installation Promise

You can be confident in our company.  Simply by informing you of all the dangers and serious missteps other companies commonly take when installing new units should at least give you an inclination into the kinds of installation practices we perform on a daily basis.  Our air conditioner installation Apple Valley certified technicians have the knowledge base, the background, the training, and the common sense to correctly install your new air conditioner unit.  We passionately stand behind this, because we care.  Why would we want to install an air conditioner if it will only last seven years.  In doing that, we would  have a whole lot of unhappy customers.  That’s exactly why we do not practices those kinds of habits.

But the unfortunate truth is this:  Most HVAC companies do not see their customers as a long term investment.  They just want to be able to make as much money off of you one time and move one.  Whereas, we feel that if we treat each of our customers with the respect and dignity they deserve, perhaps not turning a profit the first time we come out to their home, that later down the road, they will call us, because we took such good care of them initially.  This business model is something we live by every single day.  And guess what?  It has worked!

We have found that if we care about our Apple Valley customers, we mean truly care, that it will come full circle in the end.  And truly caring about our customers in relation to an air conditioner installation involves a few different things.  We size your unit correctly, so it can maximize the unit’s advertized efficiency ratings.  Our air conditioner installation Apple Valley technicians do all the necessary ductwork modification to ensure proper airflow through your home.  We redo all of your drain lines, we never use existing equipment. The list can go on and on.  And you would think that these types of practices should be standard throughout the entirety of our industry, but most companies just do not do these things.

Why Do Estimates Vary in Price So Much? - Apple Valley

Why Do Estimates Vary in Price So Much?

If you have already received multiple estimates or are in the process of doing just that, be prepared for a huge discrepancy in price.  And we are going to tel you an industry secret right now that explains this very conundrum.  Every air conditioner installation Apple Valley certified company purchases their equipment for about the same price.  Which makes it even harder to understand why one company would charge thousands of dollars more for what seems to be the exact same service.

But the real truth is this.  There is a huge price difference, because most companies leave all of these important little things out their installation.  The hope homeowners won’t figure out what they left out, because they are either blinded by their price tag (one that is extremely cheap), or that they are just not knowledgeable enough.  These other air conditioner installation Apple Valley companies bet, that if cold air starts blowing out of your vents, you as a homeowner won’t ask questions.

We know this is wrong and we set out to change the industry, one installation at a time. We know people are smarter than what these other HVAC companies make people out to be.  That’s precisely why we explain this very situation to every one o our customers, and let them decide.  After begin presented the fact, they know that by choosing our company, their air conditioner unit will last years longer, the unit will be as efficient as possible, and that they are purchasing a level of service that no other company can even me close to.  And so….If you think your Apple Valley home deserves this kind of service, a kind of service that stresses reliability, efficiency, and safety, call us.  We are just a phone call away!

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Air Conditioner Installation Apple Valley

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