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Air Conditioner Cottage Grove

Air Conditioner Cottage Grove

How to Choose The Right AC Company

    If you counted every single heating and cooling companies that serves Cottage Grove, the total number of companies is quite baffling.  The number is somewhere around 250.  How is anyone supposed to choose the right company for them? For most people, its just plain dumb luck that they land a solid air conditioner Cottage Grove company.

Over here at Service Today Heating & Cooling, we wanted to make this process extremely easy.  You can look at reviews, you can ask your friends and family members, you can go to company directories, and all will tell you that our company is one of the best in the Minnesota.  We are honest, fairly priced, and we take the time to educate you when it comes to your cooling system.  Our customer service is amazing, and we employ only the most knowledgeable air conditioner Cottage Grove certified technicians.  This aspect is what we are proud of more than anything else.  Call us, and you can experience the difference first hand.

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Air Conditioner Cottage Grove

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AC Tune Ups...Do I Need One? - Cottage Grove

AC Tune Ups...Do I Need One?

The short answer is, yes!  Just like you need to change the oil in your car periodically, you also need to hire a professional to tune up your air conditioner every year.  We cannot begin to tell you how surprised some of our most satisfied customers were after they saw their energy bills the following month.  Yes, we said it, getting a tune up will actually make your unit run more efficiently, which will save you money!  There have been times when the tune up even paid for itself.

But even setting aside all the monetary reason for getting a tune up., its also important because you want to make sure you air conditioner is safe for your family, and that it has a very long life.  Nobody enjoys buying a new air conditioner, and we get that.  Our air conditioner Cottage Grove accredited technicians will make sure your air conditioner will have a long life. We actually have an amazing Preventative Maintenance plan that does a great job ensuring you get an annual tune up yearly.  Call us and ask about the plan today!

Honest Repair Work - Cottage Grove

Honest Repair Work

We do not throw the word honesty around lightly here at Service Today Heating & Cooling.  We really want to make sure customers are aware of this too.  Because we have heard way too many horror stories of HVAC companies going to customers houses, totally ripping them off when it comes to the repairs that they ‘needed’ done, and quickly getting the customer to pay and leaving in a hurry.  This ‘one and done’ philosophy is just tragic.

We never treat our customers like that. If you only have a $10 repair, we will tell you that honestly.  Our air conditioner Cottage Grove certified technicians will never gouge you, will never fabricate repair work, and we will never treat you like a dollar sign.  No No No!  We are honest!  This is something we are extremely proud of.  Our customers are extremely grateful for this as well.  They call us time and time again, because they know they are getting an honest answer.  We promise we will do the same for you.  Because you deserve it.  Plain and Simple!

Buying A New AC - Cottage Grove

Buying A New AC

This process may seem daunting to many.  And quite frankly, it kind of is.  How do you choose between companies when the process you have been given vary in price so much. How do you really know what’s included in the work they will perform.  How do you know if those air conditioner Cottage Grove technicians will provide you with a great installation?  The problem is, you don’t!  That’s the scary thing about the whole process, you are taking a gamble when hiring a company to put in a new air conditioner into your home.  And it is just a shame, because every customer deserves a great installation.  Every customer deserves to have a great company come out, wow them from start to finish, and make sure that the unit they purchased will last decade and decades.  We want to inform you that we are that company!  It is hard to convince you of this with mere words, but we try.  This is what we will promise you…

If you chose us, you will get the best priced quality installation money can buy.  You will also get an installation that will be perfect, just how the manufacturer intended it to be installed (some 80% of ac installation are not, which causes premature system failure), and we promise that our air conditioner Cottage Grove staff will give you an amazing customer service experience.  It is these three things that we will wholeheartedly focus on, and it’s these three things that are the most important to homeowners.  We understand that, and that’s why we try so hard to deliver on these demands.  When you choose us for your Cottage Grove home, you will not regret it!

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