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Air Conditioner Bloomington

Air Conditioner Bloomington

Service Today’s Comfort Guarantee

We like to refer to ourselves as Service Today, not only because we ensure your home is heated and cooled properly throughout the year, but also and perhaps more importantly, because when we are at your home interacting with you, explaining the importance of preventive maintenance, describing cool and innovative indoor air quality products, or simply educating you on how your system works, we do so in such a way that is natural and comfortable.  Our goal is to make you smile before we leave.  We want you to be at ease when our technicians are in your home.

This is so important, because customer service is our number one priority.  If you are in any way unsatisfied with our service, please bring it to our attention.  It is unlikely that this will occur, but if it does, want to know about, so we can rectify the situation right then and there.  That is our comfort guarantee!  Just knowing that one of our air conditioner Bloomington technicians will speak with you as if you were a friend or family member says a lot.  It is about trust, honesty, and integrity.  These three things are extremely important to us.  And we hope you recognize the effort we put into ensuring you have an amazing experience every time you pick up the phone and call us out to your Bloomington home.

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Air Conditioner Bloomington

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Our AC Repair Philosophy - Bloomington

Our AC Repair Philosophy

Most other heating & cooling companies won’t admit this, but before they come out to your home, they have a set number in the back of their heads. This number is a specific dollar amount they want to get you to pay on the repair itself.  Now, how they get you to pay this amount varies.  Do they force you into making unnecessary upgrades?  Are they replacing parts that don’t even need to be replaced?  The answer to these questions is yes more often than not.  And it is extremely unfortunate.

When we opened our doors, we promised ourselves we would never be like our competitors.  Our trained air conditioner Bloomington staff understands that no one actually budgets for AC repairs, and so we promise that when you do come out to repair your air conditioner, we will leave the entirety of the decision making in your hands. No ultimatums ever.  Many times, we only need to put in a $15 part, and we are okay with that.  We do this because we want to build a long term relationship with you.  We understand that if you have not used us before, we need to earn your trust.  And what better way to do that than being completely straightforward with you, right?  Again, its all about honesty with us.  The more transparent our air conditioner Bloomington technicians are, the better the chance of you calling us again, (even if its for a measly old tune up).  We want you as a customer for life, and that means that we are going to treat you fairly ever time you call us. We promise this!

Buying A New AC From Us - Bloomington

Buying A New AC From Us

We guarantee that our installations are going to be better than any other company in Minnesota.  And how can we guarantee this?  Well, the sad truth is this, most installations are not even done right in the first place.  So boasting that we are the best isn’t really saying much.  The reality is this.  Our installations are done correctly.  Every single time!  We do this to ensure your system will have a long life, and that your energy bills we be significantly reduced.  We want you as a customer for life, and we try to ensure this by doing everything right on the front end.  The install might be slightly more expensive, but if you look at the installation overall, we have a best value guarantee we stand by every single day.  Plus, you also have a 1 year test drive on your new system.  How can you possibly beat that?

What’s The Best AC on the Market? - Bloomington

What’s The Best AC on the Market?

Many people ask this question first.  They research the top brands, and come up with multiple answers.  The problem is most of those top ten lists are biased in one way or another, and over here at Service Today Heating & Cooling, our air conditioner Bloomington staff actually feels that brand isn’t as important.  We just want to make sure your purchase has the best possible warranties and guarantees associated with it.  It’s these kinds of reassurances Bloomington homeowners should concern themselves with.

Dehumidification Systems - Bloomington

Dehumidification Systems

The cool thing (bad pun, we know) about air conditioner units is that they actually dehumidify the air in your home by cooling it down.  Now, sometimes this dehumidification process is enough, but often homes still possess too much humidity.  To rectify this situation, many Bloomington homeowners look into installing dehumidification systems in their home.  Minnesota can be extremely humid.  We strongly encourage you to look into one of these systems.  Call our experienced air conditioner Bloomington staff to get all of your questions answered today!

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