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Air Conditioner Apple Valley

Air Conditioner Apple Valley

Your ‘Go-To’ AC Company

“Who is your go-to heating and cooling company?”  We took the opportunity to explore this question in depth.  We had the opportunity to ask hundreds of people this question, and the results were very informative.  When asked, most people responded by saying that they really didn’t have an HVAC company that they would choose over all others.  This told us that most air conditioner Apple Valley companies made a poor impression upon their customers.  Knowing this fact drove us to make a decision.  Namely that we would do everything in our power to ensure each and every one of our customers were not only 100% satisfied in our services, but we also made sure that they were so satisfied that if they ever needed to call another company out to service their air conditioner, that there would be no question in their mind of who to choose.   Service Today Heating & Cooling’s Comfort Squad strives to make this a reality every single day.  So, we encourage you to give us a shot!  We promise you won’t regret a thing.

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Air Conditioner Apple Valley

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Repairing Your Current AC - Apple Valley

Repairing Your Current AC

Let’s face it, most people don’t really budget for their air conditioner to break down.  It is one of those ‘out of sight, out of mind’ things, and we totally understand that.  So, we made sure that if your air conditioner really did break down, that we would be the company to ease the pain of the situation as a whole.  When you call us, you can expect a technician to be out to your home the same day, with the parts on his truck to make sure you unit is working in a matter of hours.  This makes the hiring decision a little bit easier, knowing that by choosing Service Today Heating & Cooling, you know you will have cold air blowing out of your vents in a matter of a few hours after you placed that initial phone call to us.  Most of the other air conditioner Apple Valley companies cannot promise you this.  Coupled with our top-notch customer service, choosing us becomes a very easy decision making process.

Replacing Your Existing AC Unit - Apple Valley

Replacing Your Existing AC Unit

When your family has made the decision to install a new unit or replace the existing air conditioner, understanding the importance of a quality installation is essential.  To put things into perspective, chew on this fact for a second.  Throughout Minnesota, there are over 100 HVAC companies in the Twin Cities, and of those 100 companies, Service Today Heating & Cooling has fixed or corrected the installation work of over 70 companies.  That means that 7 out of 10 companies Apple Valley homeowners have the option of hiring, are executing shoddy installation practices, taking shortcuts, cutting corners, and doing an all around poor job to ensure their customers that the unit they just purchased will achieve the desired effects it advertises (energy efficiency levels, predicted lifespan, ability to provide the comfort you need).  That number is staggering!  And these companies are not some one man operations, but rather they are companies that are extremely huge, have been around a very long time, and have a name that many people recognize.

It is unfortunate to think of how little most air conditioner Apple Valley companies actually care about thier customers.  And that is exactly where we differ.  We care!  We care about your purchase, we care about your pocketbook, we care about your overall satisfaction, and most importantly, we care about how you feel after the air conditioner installation is complete.  We will make you happy, and do an amazing job installing your new equipment.  Service Today Heating & Cooling promises you this wholeheartedly.

Annual AC Maintenance - Apple Valley

Annual AC Maintenance

How many times have you had your oil changed in your car?  the answer is probably dozens and dozens right?  But now ask yourself this question…  How many times have you have your air conditioner tuned up?  If you can count your answer on one hand, then you have a problem.  It is extremely important for homeowners to have their air conditioner maintained on a yearly basis.  If you do not do your annual maintenance, your unit is at risk of breaking down, running less effectively and efficiently, your warranties will not be honored.

But here is the good news.  If you hire an air conditioner Apple Valley company to perform a tune up every year, your energy bills will be reduced enough so that the service is essentially free.  That’s right, doing tune ups pays for itself!

And here is some more good news.  Service Today Heating & Cooling has the best valued preventative maintenance plan in the entire state of Minnesota!  This means you will not find a better priced plan out there.  It includes tune ups on both our air conditioner and your furnace, and many other added benefits like exclusive offers only available to members, discounts on repairs, service calls, and all indoor air quality products, and most importantly, signing up for the membership gives you priority status.  We guarantee that we can come to your home in 24 hours or less or the call is paid for by our company!  That’s what an amazing membership should promise you.  And that is exactly what you get from Service Today Heating & Cooling.

Brands & Other Important HVAC Practices - Apple Valley

Brands & Other Important HVAC Practices

There are many different HVAC manufacturers in the United States, and though it may be overwhelming choosing the right company that makes the best kind of air conditioner units, you can relax knowing that Service Today Heating & Cooling has your best interests at heart.  We won’t put in poor equipment in your home.  We only install the best brands, because we want to make sure that the parts of the units put into your system last a long time.  Whether its Lennox or Trane, or an a-coil or a new heat exchanger or condenser, we guarantee we will provide you with quality parts and units.  And to put you at ease, we even warranty all of our repairs and installations, and the warranties themselves go above and beyond the manufacturer warranties that come with the purchase.  OUr air conditioner Apple Valley staff will treat you right, give you an honest price, and make sure that you are smiling through the entire process.

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