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AC Repair in Rosemount, MN

AC Repair in Rosemount, MN

Service Today provides air conditioning repair in Rosemount, MN. Throughout the summer season, you’ll probably be running your air conditioner a lot. If you have a central AC unit, then you know how convenient it is to be able to set the thermostat and let it do the rest. Unfortunately, you may also know that they need to be maintained or they could break down right when you need them most. So, if your air conditioner breaks down, malfunctions, or is just making strange sounds, we can come out and service it for you.

At Service Today, we’ve been fixing air conditioning units for many years and use this experience to quickly and efficiently repair your AC to working condition. The most common cause for air conditioners to malfunction or break down is due to lack of maintenance. As much as we’d like to, turning the system off until it hits the 80’s and then cranking it up on high with no service is unsafe in terms of the unit’s overall health. If you do not keep up with the maintenance on your AC unit, it can lead to failure of the compressor and fans.

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AC Repair in Rosemount, MN

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AC Repair in Rosemount, MN

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