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Electricity Prices Are Projected to Increase 30% This Year; Let Us Help Increase A/C Efficiency and Prevent Breakdowns

Is your utility bill going up? There may be a few reasons for this. One is a lack of petroleum production needed to run fuel power plants, a dependency on foreign oil, and how well your A/C is performing. Fortunately, not all these things are out of your control. Consider this: Of all the electricity you use in your home, 40% goes to heating and cooling. What does an A/C tune-up have to do with this? For starters, a tune-up once or twice a year can help you save as much as 20% on your utility bill. In Minnesota, this can mean an average monthly savings of $80! That’s less money to give away every month, and more money in your pocket.

How Does an A/C Tune-Up Work?

A tune-up involves cleaning, inspecting, and adjusting A/C parts and components. It’s like changing the oil in your car once or twice a year. Servicing an air conditioner prevents breakdowns and enables it to run properly and efficiently. Tuning up your air conditioner enables us to find problems while they’re still small. Once we fix them, the issues can’t get worse, and there will be less strain on the system, so it can last longer. That’s a lot of money saved on repairs and premature replacement.

A/C Breakdowns Are Best Avoided

At Service Today!, we have technicians who can reach your home fast and restore your A/C after it breaks down. The average air conditioner breaks down every three years. However, 90% of breakdowns can be avoided with one annual tune-up! Breakdowns are costly too. On average, an emergency A/C repair visit costs $1,342!

A Tune-Up Typically Costs from $129 – $219

That’s a lot less than dealing with an A/C breakdown. We can prevent problems before they happen. A high-quality tune-up takes about 1-2 hours. And since we are committed to high-quality service, performing air conditioner tune-ups helps us manage our business. During the busy summer months, it can be hard to schedule emergency visits (when we pay double the hourly wages to our technicians). Call volume is lower during the slow months, so it’s easier to book a service call. Performing A/C tune-ups allows us to provide more consistent, reliable service.

Save Thanks to Our Discounted Rates

We can offer discounted rates during these slow months as our techs can continue working and we don’t have to pay for unemployment. Emergency repairs during the summer are expensive. Now, you can get an early season A/C tune-up for only $69! We’ll also include a furnace tune up, so you’ll be ready for the next heating season. Book now to take advantage. Like every other A/C company in Minnesota, we’re booked out 2-3 weeks in the summer. Be sure to book early as we can only run 90 tune ups prior to peak season and time spots for furnace tune-ups are limited.

When Should I Schedule My A/C Tune-Up?

If the outside temperature is above 32℉, you can schedule a tune-up any time. And the sooner you book service, the more you can save. With inflation, costs are increasing 6-10% a month! If you wait, you could soon be spending up to $200 more a month for energy. Parts are getting more expensive too, not to mention harder to get with supply chain shortages.

Schedule Your A/C Tune-Up with Service Today!

We’re not just looking to sell you a new A/C unit. Our focus is on lifetime service. Each air conditioner tune-up includes a no break guarantee policy; if it breaks down, we won’t charge for the initial diagnostic. You also receive a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you’re not happy with the service, let our tech know and we’ll do whatever it takes to correct the issue. Also, the tune-up will be on us!

Act Now Before It’s Too Late

This offer is only on a first come, first serve basis. Once our bookings are full, you’ll miss out on this unbeatable offer and be at risk of a costly A/C breakdown. Don’t procrastinate. Call (888) 409-9784 today to schedule your tune-up!

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